Diabetes Cure – Ways to Reduce and Prevent Symptoms

Diabetes can not be treated entirely. But with regular check up and proper care one can prevent the symptoms of diabetes and check the level of glucose in the blood. If you are a diabetic patient you should have in-depth knowledge about this medical condition. This will help you to avoid severe medical emergencies.

The first thing that you need to know is that type 1 diabetes can start at any time. Since it starts suddenly it often has severe symptoms. As a result the patients often need to get admitted in a hospital. Diabetes has long term treatments. The main aim of diabetes treatments is to reduce symptoms, prolong life and prevent health issues resulting from diabetes. This health problem often leads to symptoms like kidney failure, blindness, amputation of limbs, heart disease and so on. Therefore, diabetes treatments often try to prevent these symptoms.

These goals can be achieved through various means such as:
• Exercise
• Proper food
• Cholesterol control
• Blood pressure control
• Foot care
• Education
• Self testing of the level of glucose
• Medication
• Insulin intake
• Weight control

There is no such lasting cure for diabetes. But one can have control over blood sugar level and prevent the symptoms. In order to prevent the symptoms, you should learn the following skills. Knowing the skills will help to prevent the requirement for emergency care.

• When to eat?
• What to eat?
• How to recognize blood sugar level?
• How to take oral tablets?
• How to attain insulin?
• How to test glucose level in the blood?
• How to change eating habit as per requirement?
• How to change exercise habit as per requirement?
• How to buy and store diabetes supplies?

Once you learn about basic care, you should move on to the next step and learn about the long term health issues that can result from diabetes. You should also learn the ways to prevent these symptoms. Diabetes treatments are constantly being improved. So you should be aware of the new researches and improvements in diabetes treatments.

If you are a diabetic patient it is very important that you have thorough knowledge about self testing. Various devices are available these days that can help you to check your blood sugar level at home. All these devices just take a drop of blood for testing. Self monitoring is extremely important since it tells you whether you are on proper diet, whether your exercise schedule is perfect or if you are taking proper medication. If you go for self testing and self monitoring on a regular basis, it will help your doctor to treat you well and prevent complicated situations.