Seek First

Why do you work? Most people answer that they need the money to live and to buy things they want to have. Some (mostly people with money) might give a different answer, “I like the challenge; my job is interesting; I think I make a difference in the world; I just want to get out of the house.” The Navy advertises that their jobs are an adventure. What do you say?

Do you work to live, live to work, or is your job something that just dropped in your lap? Perhaps a deeper question will help you take a stand. Do you have a plan with a desired outcome, or do you work to support someone else’s outcome? Most folks will answer that they are vaguely aware that they work for someone else’s plan and outcome and as long as they are paid, they do not care if the outcome is achieved. Employers worry about such disloyal employees.

When you marry, and especially when you have a family with children, or a responsibility to an elder or someone with an illness, it seems to be a simple thing, that you must bring in the money to keep the family housed, fed, protected, cured, and happy. If your circumstances compel you to bring in as much money as you can, does that mean that you are willing to sacrifice your ethics, your morality, and even break a law to get more money? Some say “yes,” but many of those folks refuse to see their guilt. “I had to do it man! Had too!”

Web search Matthew 6:33. This is actionable Christian Biblical scripture. The first word is “Seek.” You may be unaware, or do not understand that God generously shares his grace with you all of the time. He cares for each of us and gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want. Today, folks are more aware of the natural world, want to protect it, conserve it, or at least stop messing it up, yet few realize that God created what we call “nature.” He still allows mankind to manage the natural world, a task that he gave to the first man, Adam.

He wants us to recognize him as God. He expects us to seek him and to want to be part of his Kingdom after our death. We demonstrate our love for him and our worth to him when we do the right things that his son, Jesus, told us in the New Testament of the Bible. Earlier, as discussed in the Old Testament of the Bible, God guided the Israelites with the Ten Commandments.

Jesus finished his sentence in verse 33, “and all these things will be given to you as well.” Those things are what you need, the very things that you say justifies why you work. We should work in order to get close to God and honor him by doing what we were told in the Bible. Then, we can expect God to do for us the things that we need.

This does not mean quit working to wait on God to provide. It means work harder to be a Christian so that others at work will see us fulfilled, happy, and comfortable with our lives. You become an example to others on what pleases God, the opposite of one who betrays a coworker in order to get more for himself.

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