Sewing And Pattern Making Rulers

Pattern making is a simple thing with all the help that you can get from everywhere. There are many sources which can teach you pattern making and there are improved tools and equipments which help you to make patterns. Let us go into the details:

Take A Detailed Look At The Tools And Equipments That Help You To Create Fantastic Patterns On Clothes:

• The designer’s curve: this is an important tool when it comes to pattern making. The designer’s curve encompasses a ruler, the idea of which has been conceived by some of the leading designer’s of the world. The purpose of the designer’s curve is to make perfect measurements of your dress. Even the impossible looking curves can be cut out perfectly by the designer’s curve. The pattern designs are made with similar perfection.

• The tailor’s curve: this tool too, like the designer’s curve encompasses a ruler. The ruler in this enables you to measure the seams. All the seams of the dress are done with the help of the tailor’s curve. The seams include the upper seam, the seam of the hip region, the seams in the front and also in the back of the dress.

• Simflex expanding ruler: this is another important tool which helps in measurements. It measures the space between the buttons. Even the uniform placements of the hooks are measured by the simflex expanding ruler. The placements of the eyes are also taken care of by this instrument.

Some Other Very Important Tools For Sewing Patterns Are:

• Lutterloh pattern making system: the patterns that will create will be aided by this equipment. The designing of the patterns and the drafting of the patterns are all done with the help of this tool. The lutterloh pattern making system helps you to create any pattern that you wish to create.

• Vellum pattern making paper: before the designs are made on the cloth, they are made on the vellum pattern making paper. There are some lovely patterns already made on these papers. You can take inspiration from them also. If you draw the design on vellum pattern making paper, your designs on the surface of the cloth will be perfect.

The work will look a lot complete than otherwise what it would have been. This is the way to approach your designs methodically and systematically.
While Creating Patterns, Some Other Things That You Must Have At Hand:

• Sewing threads
• Sewing machines
• Rhinestones
• Needlework
• Sequins

Ensure The Following Factors While You Shop For These Things:

• Abrasion resistance
• high tenacity,
• low shrinkage capacity
• High temperature resistant.

Pattern designing is a highly interesting preoccupation that you can engage yourself with. You can learn this art from people who are masters of it. There are DVDs of classes sold in the market. The internet is also a good source from which you can learn pattern designing. Books on pattern designing are also available.

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