Stories of Faith and Courage From World War II Battlefields & Blessings, by Larkin Spivey

An American Legacy of Courage, Faith, and Freedom

Larkin Spivey has captured the essence of the intent of the “Battlefields & Blessings” series in this masterpiece of historical significance and devotional excellence. “Stories of Faith and Courage from World War II” is packed with patriotism in the midst of battle and is filled with rich poignant inspiring stories.

Spivey’s years of experience as an officer in the Marine Corps, his training and a long time professional interest in military history provide him with the insight, credentials, and a wealth of detailed background information to take the challenge to author this momentous work.

The stories compiled in this book reveal the stamina, courage, and faith of men dedicated to fight for the freedom, for their families and their fellow countrymen. An active and experienced lay leader in his church adds to Spivey’s unique ability to incorporate an under-girding spiritual dimension into the 365 stories included in this daily devotional guide. Spivey has been ideally prepared, and I feel “ordained,” to write this book.

The collection of maps and photos included in this concise history of World War II with the accompanying summaries of the American involvement in the Allies major military campaigns add to the enjoyment of the reader. Each of the stories is placed in a logical time frame which gives a unique relevance to each story of the bravery of these heroes of patriotism and faith.

“Stories of Faith and Courage of World War II” is a remarkable compilation of real life stories brilliantly edited. This is a book that should be in every church and school library in America and on the required reading list of every serious history student. “Stories of Faith and Courage from World War II” is a perfect gift for the veteran of any war or their family members.

AMG Publishers, 978-0899570402

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

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