The World’s First Impression of Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent

When Susan Boyle first walked onto the stage for her audition in “Has Britain Got Talent”, the judges and the audience made an immediate assumption about her from her appearance.

It was evident from the expression on Simon Cowell’s face that he expected very little from her and his judgement was made entirely on how she looked. Simon Cowell, the rest of the judges on the panel, the studio audience and doubtless the television audience at home, were all taken by surprise when Susan began to sing.

Susan Boyle has the voice of an angel and the assumption is made that someone with a beautiful voice should look beautiful; in a conventional way. In other words young, slim, attractive and tastefully dressed.

To debate the rights and wrongs of judging people by their appearance alone, could be lengthy. The fact is that we all make instant judgements about everybody we meet and this is based on their appearance and much of this is to do with what they are wearing. In fact according to research by Professor Albert Mehrabian, 55% of our behaviour and appearance is remembered from the first 30 seconds of meeting someone. How we look, can affect the way people judge us.

Wearing colours that suit you and clothes that flatter your body lines, scale and proportions, express your personality, are current and appropriate for your age and the occasion will make a huge difference to the first impression you make on strangers.

Sometimes that first 30 seconds is vital. An interview for a new job, a chance meeting with someone who may become your future spouse, a request for help when your car won’t start; all situations when you are meeting a stranger for the first time and how they perceive you may make them decide in your favour, or not! Whilst we are quick to make a judgement, it can take 15 years to change that first impression you make on someone else.

Susan Boyle amazed and stunned the world with her beautiful voice, and over came that first impression that was made by many, but the rest of us may never get that second chance.

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